General Post-Surgical Discharge Instructions:

  • Because your pet was under anesthesia, he/she may be irritable especially around other animals and small children.  Your pet may experience decreased appetite, nausea, and vomiting over the next 24-48 hours.  This can be normal.  Offer small amounts of food and water tonight and call the clinic if vomiting persists.

  • Keep the incision dry for 14 days.  Call the clinic if you see any bleeding, discharge, or excessive swelling from the incision site.

  • Often times the sutures are internal and absorbable.  The body will slowly break them down over time.  Keep the E-collar on your pet for the next 10 days.

  • Make an appointment for 10 days from the day of surgery for suture removal if there are external sutures or staples present.

  • No outdoor off-leash activity for the next 10 days (until suture removal) - This does not apply to orthopedic procedures - see post-operative instructions for specific conditions. 

  • Use caution on stairs with the E-collar on.

  • Start pain medication tonight.

  • For outdoor male cats after castration - keep him indoors for 3-5 days and restrict activity.  It is allowable for him to lick the surgery site. 

  • For female outdoor cats after spay - keep her indoors for the 10 days after the surgery, keep the E-collar on, and restrict activity.  The sutures are internal and absorbable.

*Please call (973) 764-3630 if you have any questions or concerns.*
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